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Activ R Us is a registered non profit organization servicing Toronto and surrounding areas. We offer youth, adult, and senior health and wellness programs.

Wellness is the ultimate state of wholeness that can be achieved by a human being. It is the physical, mental, spiritual, and practical utopia of the human experience.

Personalized care is what sets us apart. Our professionals work with you closely, through your health journey, guiding you in achieving your individual and collective health goals. From fitness, mental health, mentorship, nutrition to general wellbeing or wellness. Our team will guide you through your unique experience every step of the way, ensuring long lasting, sustainable healthy attributes with your health and wellbeing.

Wellness is a state of being

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Activ R Us is a huge advocate for Physical and Health Education Canada’s ‘At My Best’ Curriculum. As we champion every institution to adopt the modules and principles, the impact in our communities can not be undermined.

At My Best (AMB) is a curriculum-linked program designed to support children’s optimal development by inspiring and motivating them to make healthier choices and develop lifelong healthy habits. This goal is achieved when students recognize the holistic benefits (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual) associated with enhancing their personal health and supporting others. Developed by Physical and Health Education Canada, with generous support from AstraZeneca Canada.

Get in touch with us to see how we can tailor the At My Best Play Day or Program to your Institution/Center!

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Get Your Groove on with our Zumba and Dance Fitness Expo. We take the work out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval style, calorie burning dance fitness party.

All are welcome! whether you are a beginner or got some moves under your sleeves

Sessions are tailored to be engaging, fun and stimulating. Characterized by age-appropriate Zumba and Hip Hop / Afro dance activities, cardio and general fitness. An All-Inclusive Program which caters to both boys and girls, with provisions for special needs as well.

Looking for a fun filled and laissez-faire environment to get your exercise in?

We carter to Youth, Adults as well as Seniors.

Our Zumba sessions provide a great forum to boost heart health, general fitness/wellbeing, balance/coordination, motor skills and overall morale.

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Wellness/Well-being Friday (Feel Good Friday) was designed and inspired by our Health & Wellness guru ‘Angu’

The goal is simple; To create healthy, safe, and fun filled environments for employees to get some activity/exercise in, while bonding with each other. It presents a great forum to build the social aspect and foster relationships within the organization. Which will in-turn improve overall productivity and morale. There is a proven relationship between physical activity and output/mood/wellbeing.

We tailor each respective session to the audience, need and preference. Our professionals love working with employees, teachers, workers, contractors, volunteers and all who are looking to take charge of their wellbeing!

Activities ranging from Zumba, Dance Fitness, Multi Sports, No equipment exercise, games, and team bonding activities. The possibilities are endless!

Reach out to our customer care centre to find out how we can customize and tailor to your organizational needs.

Registration is Open

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Activ R Us is excited to showcase the upcoming El Paze Cup Soccer Tournament. The community inspired tournament provides a forum for young athletes from both competitive and development teams to come showcase/compete in a fun filled, safe and healthy environment.

An All-Inclusive Tournament which welcomes teams from all over Canada to take part in this exciting event!

Quality, Competition and Fun are the words of the day.

The tournament is hosted twice a year (indoor and outdoor), targeted for teams U6 up to U17, plus an 18+ Division.

Medals are provided for finalists, while the winner for each team gets to lift the prestigious ELPAZE Cup.

Next Tournament

Sunday August 27 th 2023 at Ron Watson Park

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step! You do not need to go at it alone. Neither do you need to make 360 degree change to your lifestyle to live healthy. We will walk with you in your journey, with a step at a time towards personal growth and development.

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